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Thank you for your visiting my web site,"iimono mikke -Fascination of scenic train photograph-".
My name is "rainbow", website maneger of this website.
I am Japanese and live in Chiba prefecture,located near Tokyo.
My hobby is taking photos of trains running through the beautiful scenery in Japan. Especially I love the spectacle of the train that runs by a rugged coastline. And I like to eat rural Japanese food called B class gourmet such as buckwheat noodles, ramen, and bowl dish.
This web site introduces Japanese scenery where train runs and rural food of Japan. If you visit Japan, enjoy beautiful Japanese rural scenery, and enjoy delicious Japanese food. Please take your time.

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Webmaster name: rainbow
Born in 1969
Japanese male
Live in Chiba Pref.
Hobby: To see cherry blossom,
Taking photo of japanese scenery railway runs

Ability to read and write English is little. But this web site is made by myself.
Please point out errors in sentence.

My favorite scenery in this web site is here.
The Tadami river first bridge in Mishima town located in Aizu area in Fukushima Pref.

*The Tohoku region encountered a disaster called "Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami", that had never experienced before. However, people who live in Tohoku region are working hard to rebuild their daily life. If there is a chance that you visit Japan, Please come to the Tohoku region and Fukushima Prefecture, and your visit can encourage resident.

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